Internal Projects @ GEMS

Long Term Projects

MoteIST - Main board for wireless sensor nodes

PEPEonBOARD - Development board for embedded systems

Tagus-SensorNet - A Managed Multi-Application Wireless Sensor Network Testbed at the Instituto Superior Técnico - Taguspark

Tagus-MeshNet - WMN Testbed


ActiveTSN - Actuation on TagusSensorNet

HazardSense - Hazard detection with FreeRTOS-based WSN

TRAC - TSN RFID Access Control

SADUM - Sensor Application Development Using Modulus


DAPhone - Data acquisition system for smartphones


ISTNanosat-1 - High Power Processor


LA6 - Local aggregation in the Internet of Things

Sense Companion - Controlling home sensors with smartphone

SocialSensing - Social sensing application for Smartphone


OverBoard - OverBoard - Expansion Module for Actuation on WSN devices

PhoneSensing - PhoneSensing - Smartphone-based application for distributed sensing in human networks

ISTNanosat-1 - ISTnanosat control system


Domo-Sense - Integrating Sensor Networks into Home Networking Architectures

Home-Sense - Home Sense - Smartphone-based monitoring and control in Home Environments

PowerEmb - PowerEmb - Power Aware System for Small Embedded Systems

SmartPower - Smart Power - Power Consumption Optimization through WSN-based control and monitoring


DASH - A distributed middleware for an ad-hoc service-oriented smart home.

SARDA - A service discovery system for wireless sensor networks based on the Resource Description Language (RDL)

TaScA - A Taekwondo Scoring Application based in inertial sensors and wireless technology


CHARON - An opportunistic routing solution for mobile WSNs

Intelligent Home Networking - A distributed middleware for an automated service-oriented home.

Sensopolitan - Monitoring vibrations of railway structures using passive mobile readers and intelligent wireless sensor clusters.


WiMAXmeter - Test & Measurement bench for WiMAX systems

WiMAX QoS - QoS dynamic management system based on WiMAX Service Flows


WiNe-SD - Scalable Community-based Service Discovery on Wireless Mesh and Ad-hoc Networks.

WMTP - Wireless Modular Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.


LEMe Room - Tracking User Position in Immersive Environments using Wireless Sensor Networks.

Shopping Cart - Tracking the Position of a shopping cart using Wireless Sensor Networks and Receiver Signal Strength Indicator.


SADHOC - Service oriented Ad-hoc Networks - High-level Self-organized IPv6 Wireless Ad-hoc networking based on the service paradigm.