(Simple Application Development using modules)


With the growing demand for wireless sensor networks, the trend is, they increase in number and complexity, and communicate with each other, and this causes an increasing number of problems to put them to work with each other, and in practice when one wants implement a sensor network, this either is simple and functional. In the market there are several companies that solve and implement the various types of sensor networks, but the problem arises when the site already exists a network of sensors, which serves its purpose, and wants to implement a new network of sensors, and these communicate with each other. The solution to such problems is to stay in the same company, which sometimes do not have the most appropriate option for the new sensor network, or hire skilled labor to make a link between the new network and the network has implemented all this increases costs and time. In this project the aim is to implement a solution that will benefit both the creation and for the implementation of sensor networks, taking the level of complexity and technical nature inherent in these networks. Trying to end anyone without any technical knowledge can create, and implement a network of sensors depending on your need without the added effort.


This project intends to simplify the process of implementation and creation of applications for sensor networks.

Project Objectives This project is going to be decomposed in parts:

  • Adapt the RDL nodal language to facilitate the communication between all the elements of the project.
  • Creation of a middleware to simplify the communication between the sensor network nodes and the gateway.
  • Creation of a Toolkit that help users to create applications for sensor networks.


VLan DEEC, Other


User Documentation?


TinyOS Installation Instructions: here
Sensor Network, Gateway, Server Instalation Instructions: here

Autor/Author: Francisco Salgado