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LEMe Room

Project Description: Tracking User Position in Immersive Environments using Wireless Sensor Networks

Active Period: 2004-2006

Project Funding: N/A

Project Objective: Cooperation with IMMI to improve the interaction capabilities of LEMe's Room intelligent immersive environment within the LEMe Wall project framework.

GEMS contribution: A WSN was built to track the position of users within the room so that position-dependent user interaction with the system becomes possible. LEMe room positioning system is based on a WSN that interconnects a mobile sensor node (e.g. in a badge) on the target user to the anchor node infrastructure. The system uses ultrasound and radio waves and performs target multilateration based on the time difference of arrival between these two wave types.

GEMS team: Pedro Filipe, Prof. Rui Rocha

Partners: LEMe's Intelligent MultiModal Interfaces group

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TX Mote
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RX Mote
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TX/RX Mote with Sensors
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