Project Description: A distributed middleware for an ad-hoc service-oriented smart home

Overview: The recent rapid proliferation of smart devices on residential environments led to poor interoperability between them. Furthermore, the absence of intuitive interfaces and configuration in currently available systems, requires the user to have highly specialized knowledge to build and manage a smart home. For that reason, a platform of service-oriented middleware was developed. It allows access to the functionality offered by any device or application in a residential environment, transparently, intuitively and independently of the communication technologies involved.

Objectives: We propose a work that extends the functionality offered by the current smart environments platform. Concurrently, we intendo to develop applications that interact with any device that is currently available in the lab, namely: Nintendo Wii, Arduino board, set-top-box, wireless routers, webcams, VoIP equipment and GSM modem.

Description: The work involves implementing features such as: confidentiality and security mechanisms, data context information handling, device communication interfaces (multihoming). Various applications should be developed that enrich the intelligent environment (e.g. specific features: energy efficiency, health, transfer of video/audio content, integration with other existing applications). It also involves the construction of small prototyping hardware (e.g.: alarm clock IP).

Active Period: 2009-Present

GEMS team: Bruno Gonçalves