Project description

Hub (home gateway) based solution to control and capture data from a home sensor network.


The renewal of data networks and receiving devices installed by triple-play Telco operators allows a very significant improvement in the actual packages of services offered to the customers and also the inclusion of other services and products. The set-top box as a platform for running services and applications can be used in the context of smart home scenarios. As such, there may be a network of sensor devices which users interact directly with or that pervasively monitors their activities. Depending on the target applicational area, information is collected, stored and used; furthermore, the collected data can trigger a certain response onto a given user interface, namely on the television set: choosing a television content, an alert or perform another existing function. The development of an architecture and support platform for monitoring and capturing data from a sensor network, as well as its integration into a home and Telco network brings a number of challenges in the area of distributed systems and embedded systems. The idea behind this project is the design of a hardware/software architecture able to provide a compromise between generalization and application in a Telco services environment.

Active period: Sept. 2010 - Nov. 2011

GEMS Team: Carlos Rodrigues