• Name: Roberto Josť Gomes Silva
  • Number: 72394
  • Email:


  • Rui M. Rocha


The smartphones and the social networks become part of everyday life. Modern smartphones having a set of embedded sensors inside, are able to provide useful information such as location, speed, slope, etc, which are enabling the emergence of personal and group sensing applications. Furthermore this information can be shared into the social networks. This document propose to develop an application inserted in the context of an existing social network that improves the group cycling experience. The application will use opportunistic connections to benefit from the smartphones of the groups of cyclists and their different resources, to improve metrics accuracy and assign different metric measurement to each cyclist. Also the cloud infrastructure will be used to leverage the smartphone resources by offloading mobile services to backend, providing almost unlimited resources for computing the sensor data. This application will use the PhoneSensing framework to implement the above mentioned requirements.






Current status: Researching
Active period: Set. 2012 - Oct. 2013
GEMS team: Roberto Silva