Local Aggregation - Internet Of Things

Project Description

Main Features:

  • LA6 provides an adaptive and flexible In-Network Data processing add-on for 6LoWPANs implementations, keeping all existent functionalities
  • Enables data aggregation functionalities in 6LoWPAN Improving significantly the energy- savings
  • Contributes directly to adapt 6LoWPAN communication paradigm to the WSN reality


Nowadays, the interconnection of smart sensors is converging to the Internet paradigm. The Internet Of Things is the future of the actual Internet, in this context IPv6 is being adopted in order to support this revolutionary networks. However, IPv6 was not developed to embedded systems with scarce resources, where the offered service is different from the typical Internet. 6LoWPAN was born from those limitations, that must be surpassed in order to deploy these networks. One of the biggest problems is the energy consumption must be improved with values aggregation which are related. The one-to-one communication paradigm of IP is against the many-to-one reality of wireless sensor networks.


The Internet of Things concept is leaving its toddler age where essentially it is a research issue and becoming a key player in many current applications where Smart Cities are perhaps its greatest exponent. In such real- world scenarios, efficient large scale machine-to-machine communication is of utmost importance. However, the current 6LoWPAN standard, proposed by the IETF, has some efficiency problems which can make its application to the Internet of Things very difficult to scale up. This work transforms the existent 6LoWPAN implementation enabling a data-centric solution that will overcome the current viability issues of 6LoWPAN in these networks through the integration of an in-network data processing aggregation mechanism. The pro- posed data aggregation mechanism increases dramatically the sustainability and network lifetime of 6LoW- PAN based sensor networks, contributing directly to the Internet of Things revolution.

GEMS team: Bruno Graša Coelho

Active period: Set. 2011 - November 2014