Overboard @ Expansion Module for Actuation on WSN devices

Period: Set. 2010 - Set. 2011

URL: http://leme.tagus.ist.utl.pt/gems/PmWiki/index.php/Education/OverBoard

The objective of this thesis is the design and implementation of an actuator's interface compatible with several types of motes. The fulfillment of this objective is made under the following specifications:

  1. Compatibility with MoteIST, MicaZ and Iris motes;
  2. Ability to control the most common actuators used in Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSAN);
  3. Ability to control, through automation protocols, actuators not connected directly to the board;
  4. The Overboard must be portable;
  5. Flexibility in the use of the available applications;
User Guide

GEMS contribution: n/a

GEMS team: SÚrgio Teixeira

Related Work: MoteIST++ - A Hardware Platform for Wireless Sensor Nodes

Current status: Concluded.