Project Description: Scalable Community-based Service Discovery on Wireless Mesh and Ad-hoc Networks.

Active Period: 2005-2007

Project Funding: EU IST WIP project (IST-4-027402)

Project Objective: Provide a service discovery protocol tailored according to the organization and mobility requirements of bot wireless ad-hoc and mesh networks.

GEMS contribution: In self-organized mobile networks, the need to know identifiers in order to establish connections is a burden to the users. The focus can be shifted from the nodes to the services they provide. Service discovery enables simple browsing and location of services available in the network and can offer support to the creation and advertisement of user communities. Although solutions exist for ad-hoc networks, the combination of mobility, organization and configuration issues in wireless mesh networks render current solutions inappropriate. WiNe-SD proposes a service discovery architecture designed to support various kinds of wireless networks.

GEMS team: Pedro Fernandes

Master Thesis: Draft Document (PDF)