Project Description: A Managed Multi-Application Wireless Sensor Network Testbed at the Instituto Superior Técnico - Taguspark.

Active Period: 2007-Present

Project Funding: N/A

Project Objective: Most WSN related projects within GEMS were developed as isolated setups, providing solutions to single specific problems. The effort involved in the setup of every new WSN-based application led to the idea of building a common test-bed that not only integrates multiple projects into a single sensor network, but also provides a basic software platform, based on the TinyOS operating system, that eases the development of future applications. On the other hand, our previous deployment experience taught us that putting sensor nodes to work out of a lab-controlled environment is not an easy task. As such, an incremental deployment strategy is being followed, providing an ongoing insight into the challenges of deploying these networks, clearly assessing the differences between simulating or using WSNs in the lab and on the field.

GEMS contribution: A WSN comprised of 23 sensor nodes has been deployed within the Taguspark Campus of the Instituto Superior Técnico. A common framework has been designed and developed to provide a centralized graphical management panel that allows users to remotely configure several key aspects of the networks, as well as to program each individual applications functionality, controlling in-network sensing, processing and actuating procedures with ease.
Using this architecture, three initial applications have been developed:

  • A Temperature Gradient Map - implementing an in-network processing algorithm, distributed over multiple sensor nodes, to determine the temperature gradient within a limited area and representing it on a graphical console;
  • A Vibration Monitor - using embedded accelerometers to measure vibrations on the indoor pedestrian bridges within our campus main building;
  • An Environmental Interaction Application - providing a flexible data acquisition system that also allows the user to program in-network processing and decision-making with ease.

GEMS team: Miguel Barroso, Hugo Freire, Luis D. Pedrosa, Pedro Melo, Jorge Soares, Rui Rocha


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Physical Topology
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