Home Sense

Project Description

Smartphone-based monitoring and control in Home Environments. Main Features:

  • System to control / monitor an intelligent space through a Smartphone;
  • Potentialize the resources available in the same device to get the most of information from the user and thus can create a new set of applications integrated with the existing system Smart Home.


With the proliferation of Smartphones and taking into account the richness of its capabilities, either in media (Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, Bluetooth, etc.) or the information they have (GPS coordinates, accelerometer, etc.), they become particularly interesting for the determination of locations and interaction with automation and multimedia systems in domestic environments. In the area of Home Networking, the GEMS has developed a set of skills that is embodied by the development of a middleware platform for intelligent environments able to virtualize and simplify access to features offered by any existing device or application in a residential environment, transparently, intuitive and abstracted from the communication technologies involved. The extension of DASH middleware to Android and / or iPhone platforms makes perfect sense, enabling a richness interaction, both local and remote, for control, monitorization and improvement of the user experience of services in home networks.

Active period: Set. 2010 - November 2011

GEMS team: Hugues Silva



HomeSense Video: A video that demonstrates the utilization of this application.