WiMAXmeter- Test & Measurement bench for WiMAX systems

Project Description: The WiMAXmeter project aims to develop a vendor independent tool to analyse, test, monitor and help the planning of a WiMAX network. The main idea is to follow a “all-in-one” approach instead of having separated tools for each feature. The WiMAX tool developed in this project is able to: access to the main measurement parameters (physical and logic level), simulate of end-user applications when performing the tests, explore QoS capabilities of WiMAX systems, perform a simple preliminary planning study based on propagation models and provide access and interpretation of management-level protocol messages. The development approach followed a platform independent philosophy to allow the use of such tool with any WiMAX system.

Active Period: 2007-2008

Project Motivation: In current days, there are very few facilities in operation that use this technology, and many of this facilities are pre-regulated, ie pre-WiMAX. So the effort to characterize this type of system, in real life scenarios, is a priority in order to be able to give a precise quantitative characterization of the operation of these systems. That characterization has to allow, assess of the performance when this technology is used in different scenarios. Thus it is necessary, as it was done with other technologies, that efforts by software companies to implement tools, to aid the implementation of various test aspects, including transmission, radio resource management and quality of service (QoS).

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