Dissertation / Projects Proposals (2007/2008)

Embedded Networked Sensing Systems (WSN)

  • Snidgets - toolkit for easy WSN applications' development
  • SegurRouting - Assessment and implementation of security algorithms in WSN routing
  • SegurFusion - Data Fusion Security
  • VibSense - Characterization of building structures' vibrations with WSN
  • GolfSense - WSN-based monitoring system for golf courses
  • GolfWater - WSN-based irrigation management system for golf courses
  • MacBee - MAC protocol for zigbee-based WSN
  • Inventory - RFID application for the realization of the inventory of objects in office buildings
  • WMTP-SD - Service Dicovery middleware for WSN based on the Wireless Modular Transport Protocol (WMTP)

Home and Small Office Networking

Health Applications

  • Temperature - Mobile phone based biomedical signals measurement
  • Monitor - Automatic heart arrhythmia detection and continuous monitoring based on mobile phones
  • BodySense - Biometric Networked Sensing System

Heterogeneous Networking

  • WiMAXmeter - Test & Measurement bench for WiMAX systems
  • WiMAX GW - Gateway WiMAX-WSN
  • WiMAX QoS - QoS dynamic management system based on WiMAX Service Flows
  • SIN - Service-based Interconnected Networks

System Modules

  • AdcHighSpeed - Low Power Ultra-High Speed Integrated Analogue-to-Digital Converter
  • AdcHighResolution - High Resolution Integrated Analogue-to-Digital Converter for medical applications
  • SigmaDeltaAudio - Integrated Low Power Sigma Delta Converter for Audio
  • MoteIST+ - Enhancement of Mote-IST architecture
  • Bluebee - Bluetooth-Zigbee Converter