Dissertation / Projects Proposals (2016/2017)

Embedded Networked Sensing Systems (WSN)

  • HumsatGWY - Raspberry-based satellite gateway for environmental WSN application E/R
  • IoTSys - System Support for the Internet of Things in MoteIST++ E
  • DroneSense - Collecting sensor field data with UAVs (drones) E

Real-Time Embedded Systems

  • iFRTOS - Improving FreeRTOS features E/R/I
  • RTPower - Real-Time Requirements and Power Autonomy in FreeRTOS E
  • GraphOS - Graphical Interface for the Development of Applications for Embedded Systems E

Home and Small Office Networking

Heterogeneous Networking

  • TMLS - Experiments with MPLS over the Tagus Mesh Network R

System Modules

  • ISTnanoSens - Elo de ligação entre o ISTnanosat e a IoT E
  • ARMoteIST - New Sensortag based on ARM SoCs (CC2538 & CC2650) E
  • BioTag - Tag biométrica baseada em NFC E
  • PEPEinSPACE - Over-the-air interaction with the PEPE emulation system E