Dissertation / Projects Proposals (2009/2010)

Embedded Networked Sensing Systems (WSN)

  • SARDA - Service Augmented Resource Description Architecture
  • TrAQS - Transport-layer Architecture for Quality-of-Service in WSN
  • O-WMTP - Opportunistic Networking extension for WSNs based on the Wireless Modular Transport Protocol (WMTP)
  • VibSense - Characterization of building structures' vibrations with Sensor Networks
  • TagusTime - Time synchronization protocol for WSNs
  • HeteroSense - Heterogeneous Tagus-SensorNet (using MICAz and SunSpots in the same network)
  • RT-SENSE - Improving Real-Time Characteristics of Wireless Sensor Networks

Real-Time Embedded Systems

  • EVENT-CTRL - Controlling Events to Preserve Real-Time Characteristics in Embedded Systems
  • RT-CORE - Exploiting Muti-Core Architectures for Real-Time
  • OS-EMB - System Support for Small Embedded Systems
  • POWER-EMB - Power Aware System for Small Embedded Systems
  • GRAPH-OS - Graphical Interface for the Development of Applications in Embedded Systems

Home and Small Office Networking

  • DASH - A distributed middleware for an ad-hoc service-oriented smart home

Heterogeneous Networking

  • SIN - Service-based Interconnected Networks

System Modules

  • RFID2Sensor - Sensor Board for RFID applications
  • Taekwondo - Sistema de Pontuação de Taekwondo
  • ISTnanoSense - Transceiver module for linking WSN through nanosats