Mobile Self-organized Service-oriented Networks


  • Vasco Aleluia, IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Pedro Fernandes, IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Rui M. Rocha, IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Fernando Mira da Silva, INESC - Instituto de Engenharia e Sistemas e Computadores, Portugal

Source: Proceedings of ICT 2006, 13th International Conference on Telecommunications, May 2006


Keywords: Self-organized networks, seamless mobility, service oriented


The growing number of users relying on wireless networks to access the Internet is imposing new challenges to both technological and architectural aspects of today systems. An evolution to a more flexible self-organized and self-maintained architecture, where mesh networking and seamless mobility are of paramount importance, is seen as inevitable. This paper addresses a new architecture based on self-organized principles and IPv6, where service support is handled at a higher abstraction level. In this context, solutions for the addressing scheme, mobility support, self-organization and node interconnection are proposed. A prototype was developed as a proof of concept and performance measurements were obtained from a given set of scenarios. Main results showed acceptable performance (e.g. 20 ms for average session establishment) on the majority of the scenarios.

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