Dissertation / Projects Proposals (2010/2011)

Embedded Networked Sensing Systems (WSN)

  • VideoWSN - Video Coding Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • VibSense - Characterization of building structures' vibrations with Sensor Networks
  • RTSense - Improving Real-Time Characteristics of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • HeteroSense - Heterogeneous Tagus-SensorNet (using MICAz and SunSpots in the same network)
  • PhoneSensing - Smartphone-based application for distributed sensing in human networks

Real-Time Embedded Systems

  • EventCtrl - Controlling Events to Preserve Real-Time Characteristics in Embedded Systems
  • PowerEmb - Power Aware System for Small Embedded Systems
  • GraphOS - Graphical Interface for the Development of Applications for Embedded Systems

Home and Small Office Networking

  • Home Sense - Smartphone-based monitoring and control in Home Environments
  • Smart Power - Power Consumption Optimization through WSN-based control and monitoring
  • Domo Zonse - Integrating Sensor Networks into Home Networking Architectures

Heterogeneous Networking

  • Survive - Heterogeneous network architecture for supporting SAR teams

System Modules

  • Over Board - Expansion Module for Actuation on WSN devices