Research: WiMAXmeter: Test&Measurement bench for WiMAX systems

WiMAXmeter: Test&Measurement bench for WiMAX systems


Source: M.Sc. Thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico / Technical University of Lisbon, September, 2008


Keywords: WiMAX, planning, test, analysis, WiMAXmeter, integration


Wireless access networks are today the most important revolutionary technology in the data network arena. Since the design and development of this type of networks, the technology market has been invaded with a myriad of wireless systems and devices, bringing wireless communications, special at local area levels (WLANs), to a development stage never imagined just a few years ago. WiMAX technology (IEEE 802.16) was developed having in mind the concept of wireless access in metropolitan areas with bit rates equivalent to those achieved by wired technologies, with the flexibility of WLANs. Far from being a concurrent, WiMAX can boost WiFi achievements by extending its influence to broader areas.

The work described herewith concerns an integrated tool to analyze, test, monitor and help the planning of WiMAX networks. The WiMAXmeter tool integrates most of the requirements that separated tools have to fulfill individually, following an “all-in-one” approach. Results obtained with this tool, have shown that important issues such as flexibility, usability, and platform independence were successfully achieved

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