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Project Description: High-level Self-organized IPv6 Wireless Ad-hoc network based on the service paradigm.

Active Period: 2004-2005

Project Funding: N/A

Project Objective: Provide a friendly framework to easily create, manage and interconnect wireless ad-hoc networks as well as connect them to the global internet. Allow users to effortlessly provide, announce, browse, locate and connect to services in the network.

GEMS contribution: The increasing demand for information sharing anytime, anywhere, along with the growing number of users using wireless local access to the internet is imposing new challenges to both technological and architectural aspects of today systems. It is therefore foreseen an evolution to a more flexible self-organized and self-maintained architecture, where mesh networking and seamless mobility are of paramount importance. This project addresses a novel architecture based on self-organized principles and using IPv6, where service support is handled at a higher abstraction level. In this context, solutions for the addressing scheme, mobility support, self-organization and node interconnection are proposed. A prototype was developed as a proof of concept and performance measurements were obtained from a given set of scenarios.

GEMS team: Pedro Fernandes, Vasco Aleluia

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